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Oregon State Bar Admission: Application for next Oregon UBE Exam

Welcome to the Oregon State Bar’s online admissions portal. This portal will facilitate your application for the next UBE Oregon Bar Examination. (Note: please scroll to bottom of page for all non-bar exam application types). To begin, please register for a personal OSB Admissions Account. There is no charge for registering your account. You will only need to register once. All data entered into the admission portal will be saved in this account.

Register a new OSB Admissions Account

Laptop Registration

Applicant wanting to take the written portion of the next Oregon UBE Bar Exam on their laptops must register their laptop with ILG, and pay the laptop registration fee of $150 to ILG.

Information about laptop registration and timelines

Applicants for Admission by Exam Only

General Information regarding exam applications is available on the Applications & Information Page.

Applications & Information

Alternative Applications: UBE Score Transfer, Comity, Limited Practice Options

The Oregon State Bar accepts numerous forms of application beyond the bar exam, such as transfer of a UBE score from another jurisdiction, comity admission for lawyers admitted in another jurisdiction, Pro Hac Vice admissions, and more. General information regarding all application types is available through the link below.

OSB PDF Admission Applications


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